Top ten colleges in the nation?

I need the top ten colleges in the nation and plz dont give me the best colleges according to athletics.
Can I also have the state were the campus is located?

Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stanford University
University of California, Berkeley
Yale University
California Institute of Technology
Princeton University
Duke University
Cornell University
University of California, San Francisco (no undergrads)
University of Chicago
Columbia University

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Can anyone tell me about the sororities and greek life at Grand Valley State?

I got accepted there and I like the campus and housing. What about the sororities? Any info is appreciated

So, you want to be a Laker. Its a good campus, not the best of professors (many of them have other jobs and arent phd certifi


but I can only compare to MSU and other schools in the midwest.

In any case- its not bad, it is what you make of it. I mean its going to be better than say central michigan, but not as good as western michigan or msu.

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Can someone help me and my project partner with ideas for a class activity?

We are doing a project based on Ancient Greek culture. Me and a girl Sierra are working together on Greek clothing styles. We need to have an activity that the class can participate in or a hands-on activity involving the clothing. I don’t have any ideas on what they can do. Sierra suggested coloring in an outfit, but I don’t think that’s too much fun for high schoolers.

Dress as Greek actors. Have students from the class read some of the parts of the play, while you act it out.
If you don’t want to dress as actors, wear other Greek clothing. Provide the class with questions to ask you about your research.

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3 fraternity/sorority questions?

whats the difference between fraternities and sororities??
girls can be in fraternities too right?
what is it called if its a boy/girl thing?
what did you have to do to get into a fraternity/sorority?
Is it that bad?

ps im not c

onsidering im just curious

fraternities are for dudes

sororities are for girls

also fraternity means brotherhood and sorority means sisterhood

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Does anyone have any good game ideas for a fraternity/sorority party?

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A scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun.

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Is college one big crazy, sex having, weed smoking, alcohol drinking fraternity party?

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What costume should I wear for my sorority dance party?

My sorority picked the theme for our fall dance party to be "mythical creatures." I figured I could just be a fairy because I have purple and green sparkley wings. But I don’t know what to wear with them? I don’t want to look too slutty,

and it’s going to be outside, so I would like to be able to layer to stay warm if possible. Also, my bf is coming and he needs a costume as well, but he’s one of those guys who really hates costumes. What’s something mythical themed that he could be easily without buying anything? Thanks!

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I have a social 2nite for my sorority and the theme is In the Jungle, any ideas for what I can wear?

I’m so lost on what to wear like I have this brown top, and maybe i could get animal print material from W-mart or somewear and make like a choker and cuffs, or idk I’m so confused, I wana be like a jungle girl or like a jane from tarzan, but I’m

so lost

Have you considered a leopard or zebra skin print bikini? Post pictures so we can see what you decided on. Sounds like a fun party.

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Why do they use the Greek alphabet in sororities and fraternities?

I’m sure there is a reason for it but what is it?

I believe the greek alphabet was chosen as greek was a language that everyone educated would be expected to know. Latin was too popular and after awhile using greek letters customary. There ar

e a few fraternities that don’t have greek names.

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Are there historically black fraternities/sororities at schools that aren’t HBCUs?

Just wondering if there is a black greek system at schools that aren’t necessarily black because I saw that a certain school had the names of sororities that I’m familiar with as black.

Yeah, many historically black fraternities and sororitie

s have chapters at non HBCU schools. But all the fraternities and sororities at a school are part of the Greek system; there isn’t a separate Black Greek system.

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What is the title of the movie that involves breakdancing, fraternity of the black people…?

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