College student Europe tours?

Are there any good student tours of Europe? I want to take a trip to Europe with my friends for next summer. Not just a small 9 day one. At least two weeks–preferably a month. My mom keeps telling me about the college student tour she went on for

like two months. Apparently it was with a big group of students and they traveled everywhere. Does anyone know of any tours like that? Your thoughts?

Ya. Its called EF College Break. Take a look at them, its an 18-26 thing, and they have various lengths of trips. I know there is ‘the grand tour’ and ‘ultimate europe’ that are 30 and 35 days. I just booked a trip with them, and i still have the discount code i used its hesseln1188 and it saves you $50 if you want to use them. They are the cheapest thing I’ve found, and I really liked them. (I went to france, spain and italy, and im going to greece this summer!) Have fun in europe! And you can contact me if you have any questions about my trip. :)

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