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Is college really like this?

I am a sophmore in high school and I want to know everything about what college will be like. Will there actually be parties in the residence halls and it will wake you up? I heard that it gets loud in there and people will throw parties in there a lot. Is it true? Do you have to party in college. I can’t dance and I would only drink a sip of alcohol.. yes pathetic. But can you tell me more about it please?

College is what you want from it. If your worried about being inexpierenced with partying and such, relax. I say the majority of freshmen have no idea what they are doing. I never even had alcholol unil my freshmen year. Different dorms will have different environments. There is always a loud party dorm and the quiet ones. Singles are obviously more secluded and more privacy as well as quieter. The more roommates you have, the louder it is. Regardless, dormitory walls tend to be thin so it only takes one annoying neighbor to blast their speakers.

People do party in the dorms. These are not American Pie parties, they are just a lot of people crammed in one room with loud music drinking. Its either a pre-game or just hanging out.

Bigger parties are usually at fraternity houses where the frats host parties. These parties are generally fraternity guys, and a lot of freshmen and sophomores. Upperclassmen tend not to attend these as much unless they are in that fraternity or mixing sorority because they usually have their own plans or group of friends. Girls though always end up at these parties. These parties are loud music, lots of beer (either kegs or cans), lots of drunk mingling or flirting and grinding on a dance floor and hoping to get lucky.

City and campus schools differ. City schools rely more on bars and clubs because greek life tends to be smaller and they don’t have the space in their houses to host massive parties. For that reason, if your going to a city school, a fake id is essential to socializing.

Campus parties are usually just fraternity parties. These ones are better because 1) free alcohol 2) proximity to dorms 3) no entrance fee 4) no need for fake id

As for living. If you don’t want to party you don’t need to. Freshmen year its harder to get away with that because so many freshmen are going too hard beleiving college is some insane rager. Parties too are the best way to socialize. There are other ways too. Joinining activites or clubs is another way to socialize.

There are also off campus parties. These tend to be smaller, require transportation, but usually more personal with invites

If you don’t want to drink, you don’t have to. Nobody is forcing you but you might feel the need. Parties are horrible when your sober. They are hot, overstuffed crowded, loud, sweaty, and boring. If you don’t drink, you might tend to avoid parties because they are boring to you. However, you can go sober and some people don’t need the alcohol to have a good time.

College is what you want. Don’t feel intimidated by it

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