Q Dog Fraternity

II met this guy and he’s in a fraternity the omegas why do all the girls think i’m stupid for talking to him

I’ve heard so many rumors about the Q dogs thats what they are called, and most people take the dog part seriously. But he’s sweet so I just want to know what have you heard

If you want to talk to this guy go on and talk to him. You’re going to hear different stereotypes for different Greek letter organizations. Just because people stereotype Omegas as being dogs doesn’t mean that they all are. I know several Omegas who are the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet. And whether a guy is an Omega or not, just be sure that he sees the real you, because some girls will try to have different personas when they’re with certain guys. One last thing. If this guy (or any other guy down the line) starts pressuring you for sex, let him go. If he really cares about you, he’ll wait until the time is right.

I hope this helps.

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