Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Line Names

Need descriptive adjectives or noun to describe a group.?

I need a word to describe a fraternity class. Each fraternity class goes by a greek letter. Alpha class, Beta Class, Gamma Class, etc.

I need a cool sounding word to describe Epsilon Class. Here are some examples so you know what i’m looking for, these are examples of past class names.

- Invincible Iota Class
- Hard Knocks Eta Class
- Prime Time Beta Line
- Fierce Kappa Class

the adjective usually describes the class, the class this name is for is Epsilon Class who are a very diverse group. They are hard, strong, dedicated, relentless. We originally had the name Elite Epsilon Class but then found out we can’t use Elite because another sorority has used it before. I’d like a unique and cool sounding name to help make this class stand out, and add some hype. Any suggestions? will choose best answer


My sister is a Delta!!!

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