Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,Inc?

Hi I am a student at an HBCU and I’m pretty sure that the Delta chapter will be having a Spring 2011 line.I am very excited as I will be the first person to join a divine nine organization(my grandpa is a Mason).I performed community service my last two weeks in the summer and the organizations and classes I’m apart of has volunteer opportunities that I have signed up. I know a lot of Greeks(including Deltas), I attend their events(not the clubs lol)YES I have done my research and I have above a 3.0.GPA.The only problem is my very close friend.At first she wanted to be a Delta but now is in the process of joining Alpha Kappa Alpha since it was her first love.Now she bashes the Deltas because some of them are rude and tells me I would be wasting my time because they have set requirements(you must have three set months of community service before the Rush,in the letter of interest you must sign your name, not print, you have to submit a photo,).What really stressed me was when she told me that she knows for a fact that the previous line was underground. Delta Sigma Theta is what I want to join, not just for the rest of my collegiate career but the rest of my life but these rumors are really scaring me.What should I do.

1) In regards to becoming a member, you do need a ton of community service hours when it comes to Delta Sigma Theta, and there’s a good chance that there is an underground line already going on. My cousin is a Delta. She got online the summer before the Fall semester started. But that was about 10 years ago.

#2) Look, your friend wants to be an AKA so anything she says is going to be hella biased. When it comes to your sorority dreams you need to keep them to yourself. If you’re going to pledge underground then you need to learn discretion because AKA & DST are not supposed to pledge at all. They are supposed to do a Membership Intake Process and that can only last a set number of days.

#3) You need to stop worrying about rumors because if you do become a member of the sorority then you’re going to have rumors hurled your way every single day. From people who wanted to join but were turned down to the know it alls who think they know your process. People will always have something to say about your org of choice.

#4) You don’t have to go underground. Just because they have an underground line doesn’t mean that they won’t add people who attend rush. I know many people who never IG’d, never went to any events, but went to rush, had there ish together, and became members. Now some people would call these young ladies "Paper" but if the sorority has their ish together and keep sorority business in house then no one knows who’s who.

#5) Whooo I said a mouth full. Sorry. But honestly, if you want to become a member I suggest you not just do the minimal. Go above and beyond. If you’re going to do community service don’t just do it because you have to. Do it because you want to. Go to the Boys and Girls club one day a week, become a mentor at a local middle school, help out at the Ronald McDonald House two weekends out of the month. Join an organization that you’re passionate about and put your all into it. Go to a party they’re having. Just don’t dress provocatively and get wasted. Show them your different sides. Don’t just go to their events, participate in them. If it’s a poetry reading, stand up and read a poem. If it’s a discussion about issues facing our community, speak up and add your two cents. If they’re having a car wash take your car to get washed, and throw in a helping hand or give an extra tip. Most importantly be you. People can tell when you’re being fake and they don’t appreciate it.

#6) Being nervous is natural. If you weren’t nervous then I’d be concerned. My friend is a legacy and at least once a month she would break down about the chance of not being chosen because of being a legacy. If you don’t get picked to become a member this time, then try again. Good Luck in your quest. Joining a sorority seems to be a great thing.

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