Embarrassing Sorority Hazing!?

I was joining a sorority this past fall and the hazing was pretty harsh. On the final night we were told ahead of time to wear the shortest skirt we could find and a thong or g-string…that was emphasized. I figured we’d get paddled or something. Well that night we were all told to bend over and touch our toes and to get ready for a paddling. This was already humiliating but it gets worse. We hear one of the sisters say, "Alright boys, come on in. It was a bunch of guys from a fraternity! We were all shocked but were told to stay in position or else. The guys all had paddles, and before we knew it we were getting paddled in nothing but our thongs buy some frat boys! Talk about embarrassing! I mean some of them were cute, and it actually was a little sexy but geesh…I’m glad thats over with. The swats were extremely mild too, barely even hurt. I just want to know was this extreme or the norm? It didn’t bother that much, just curious about other situations

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